get the most value from coaching

How to Get the Most Value from Coaching

In my previous post, How to Get the Most Out of Coaching, I shared four tips to help you get results from your investment. Here are three more things you can do to maximize your success in, and out of your sessions and get the most value from coaching.

1) Know What to Expect

Coaches aren’t consultants, hired to make an assessment and offer a solution. They partner with you and support you in seeing who you are – uncovering your values, strengths, beliefs, and behaviors, so you can use that knowledge to improve your career, relationships, and life. They aren’t therapists, focusing on healing the past, but focus on where you are now, and where you want to be in the future.

Coaching is goal and results-oriented, focusing on discovery and personal growth and it requires action from the client. A good coach will educate you on what they do and don’t do, before entering into a partnership. Asking questions and getting educated will help you set clear, accurate expectations so you can get the most value from coaching.

2) Be Honest

Partnership takes trust on both sides. Coaching is 100% confidential and for it to be effective, honesty is key. You must be willing to be open about the situations you bring to your sessions. Coaching is a safe, judgment-free space to work things out and you’ll get the most growth and learning if you’re completely honest with your coach. If you’re feeling hesitant about being honest, bring it up in your session, or consider if the coach you’re working with is right for you. If not, find a new one.

3) Make the Commitment

Just like any big goals, progress takes time. Some sessions create instant awareness and “AHA” moments, but others are planting seeds that need time to grow. I recommend committing to at least 3-months of sessions and showing up for everyone. If you’re losing interest or motivation, bring this up with your coach. Commitment doesn’t benefit the coach; it benefits you! Give yourself permission to go all in and a pat on the back when you’ve proven you can do it.

Do you have any tips for getting the most value from coaching? Share them in the comments.

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