how to stop worrying

3 Ways to Stop Worrying

How much of your day is spent worrying about the future?

Life is full of things that can cause us to worry. Rent is due. Finals are coming up. You have an important meeting, a surgery or a hard conversation with a loved one. It’s hard not to worry because you’re not a robot!

While everyone worries to some degree, if you’re always thinking about the future, you’re robbing yourself of the present. Not to mention the toll worry takes on the body, like stress-induced sleep disturbances.

So what can you do about it when you find yourself overwhelmed with concern, fear or doubt?

Here are three tips to help you stop worrying and come back to the present moment:

1) Accept that you can’t predict (or control) the future

Worrying has ZERO effect on the future situation. You’re spending mental energy visualizing a reality that may never even happen! Instead of trying to predict the future, something you can’t control, try this instead.

Brainstorm the results you’d like to have (passing the test) and some ways you can make that happen (studying this week). Commit to doing what you can control, then let the rest of it go.

2) Don’t overly dramatize the situation

If you’re prone to worry, you might tend to focus on the worst-case scenario, even if the scenario is highly unlikely. Instead, try to reframe your thoughts and focus on all the good things that might happen.

3) Trust that you can adapt

I recently worked with someone who was concerned about a possible layoff. They were focused on the worst-case scenario, losing their home and living on the streets.

When we explored this and challenged the thinking, they realized it would NEVER happen. This person could find a new job because they had good experience and skills. They also had a family they could probably stay with if needed. They would never be homeless, but they exaggerated the outcome in their mind. With new awareness, they realized they could trust themselves to adapt no matter what the outcome. Adapting was something they could control.

At the end of the day, if you learn to become aware of your worry thoughts, you can shut them down, stop worrying and come back to the present moment.

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