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Must-Have Marketing Resources for Small Businesses

One of the biggest struggles my clients face is marketing. These days, every small business owner needs to have some understanding of design, social media, email marketing and copywriting, but how do you find the time to work on your business when you’re busy working in it?

I’ve compiled a list of my top five affordable and simple resources for small business owners like you. I’ve used these myself and recommend them to all of my clients.

When you’re not sure what (or why) to post on Instagram: 

Instagram with Intention

This big-picture digital course does a great job of making Instagram strategy understandable for beginners. It covers what you’re posting, why you’re posting it and how to engage with people with intention. If you’re new to the platform, or not seeing the engagement you’d like, this is a great beginner’s course to get you started.

When it feels like writing copy is as fun as a root canal:

Marie Forleo’s Copy Cure

It’s copywriting for people who aren’t natural copywriters. If you don’t know how to write compelling sales copy, copy that converts, this course is for you. I’m a huge fan of Marie Forleo, and also took her signature course, B-School.

Though this program is the most expensive on the list, Marie offers low monthly payment plans. LOVE! It’s only open for enrollment once or twice a year, so if it’s closed, get on the waitlist!

When you’re so over complicated email service providers:


Since switching to Flodesk, it’s been a game-changer in my business. Hands-down, it’s the most intuitive and easy email service provider I’ve ever used, and better yet, creates stunning email campaigns. The platform is so simple, you can import your subscribers and set up workflows in a day, easily. The variety of fonts and layouts will work for most brands, and it takes minutes to create an opt-in form and a workflow.

My favorite part is the price. Say goodbye to the staggered pricing based on subscribers. Flodesk gives you UNLIMITED email subscribers for one flat fee. If you love it as much as I do and use my affiliate link, you’ll be able to lock in at a 50% discount – only $19 per month!

To take it for a test-drive, click HERE.

When you’re still publishing one post at a time (please tell me you aren’t doing this):

There are many planning and scheduling apps for social media, and this is by far my favorite. The tool allows you to schedule posts on Instagram and Facebook weeks, even months in advance. Pretty cool, but here’s my favorite feature. After publishing 50 posts, it will identify your best posts days and times each week, so you can schedule your most important posts when they’ll get the best traffic. The tool is simple enough and takes about an hour to learn how to use it. Starter plans are free, though I recommend the $19 Premium Plan for Business if you’re posting a few times a day and on multiple platforms.

When you need it designed:


If you have a limited budget and are looking for a freelance graphic designer, check out Upwork. This freelancing platform allows you to post a job and get connected with a list of candidates. You can also browse profiles on the site, helping you find designers based on style.

Upwork has it’s pros and cons, for both the client and the designer. And as a former designer and art director, I have some thoughts about how to (and how not to) use the platform. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Sometimes designers don’t deliver work on-time. Or they do a poor job. Read reviews and make sure you know who you’re hiring before you hire them.
  • Consider starting with a small project rather than a big one. Test-drive the relationship.
  • Pay a fair wage. These are freelancers, which means small businesses like you. They’re paying self-employment taxes and expensive private health insurance. It’s easy to look for designers based on price first, but don’t do it. Find someone you like with quality work, pay them a decent wage.
  • Be very clear on the details. Know what is expected of each party, when it’s expected and the cost.
  • Be a good client. Treat them as you want to be treated. Meet your deadlines. Pay on time. If you do, you may get rewarded by finding a designer who will stick with you long-term. A win-win for everyone.

What are your must-have marketing resources? If you try these out, I’d love to hear from you. Share your story in the comments below, or tag @alexisbcoaching on Instagram!


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