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Two Things Chief Visionary Officers Protect That Will Change Your Life

Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to change your life? I think it’s safe to say that everyone hopes for and strives to have a life well-lived. We’re hungry for more purpose, more peace, and more pleasure.

But instead, many of us are stuck in the day-to-day drudge of endless to-dos and busywork. Americans work jam-packed days and come home ready to cook dinner, help the kids with homework, clean the house, do the laundry and crawl to bed so they can get up and do it all again tomorrow. It’s no wonder we’re overwhelmed, stressed, and tired.

And the weekends are no better. Groceries won’t buy themselves. Meal planning takes time. This isn’t the Sword In The Stone, and Merlin isn’t going to pop into your laundry room, wave a magic wand, and make the laundry do itself, am I right? If only!

When we’re constantly busy, we don’t have time to pursue (or even understand) our purpose. Busyness is poison to peace and pleasure.

How are we supposed to create an amazing, well-lived life when we’re drowning in busy?

In the business world, a Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) is responsible for creating a vision and leading the organization toward it. It’s a BIG job, with a huge amount of responsibility, but there are two things CVO protect to make sure they can get the job done.

Time and Energy.

If you follow me, I talk a lot about how I wanted to change my life and my career for YEARS when I was burned out, working in advertising. But I never had the time, and when I did, I never had the energy.

I was busy all day, every day.

I was following the rules, doing what I was “supposed” to do.

I was so focused on short-term goals and consumed with my to-do list that I never stepped back and looked at the big picture.

Then I had an AHA moment at my therapist’s office that I’ll never forget. I realized I approached work like I approached my life.

I was living it with the mindset of an unfulfilled employee.

Getting things done without a purpose. Following the rules without question. Checking the boxes off my to-do list without considering whether or not those tasks were essential. Working myself into burnout. Waiting for someone to give me permission to change.

When I realized I lived like I worked, it was a hard pill to swallow. I didn’t want to go through life with an employee mindset. I wanted to think and live life with the mindset of a Chief Visionary Officer.

CVO’s protect their time and energy. I never did. And I knew that until I got serious about doing less at work and home and only focused on the most important priorities – as a CVO would – I’d never make the time or have the energy I needed to change my life.

Protecting time and energy is just one of the many lessons we can learn from a Chief Visionary Officer’s mindset.

In my free guide, 8 Things Chief Visionary Officers Do That Will Help You Reach Your Goals, I’ll share the difference between the EMPLOYEE mindset that so many of us have, and the mindset of a CVO.

When you start to think and act like a CVO, you’ll be able to create a life with more purpose, peace, and pleasure!

You can download it here.

Sending you all the best wishes for your happiest life,