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15 Warning Signs You’re Too Busy

“I’m too busy,” used to be a phrase I said more than anything else.

When I worked in marketing and advertising, I’d come home exhausted and take a bath every day at 5:30 PM.

I felt like it was the only thing that chilled me out after another long, busy, and mentally FULL day.

Having 20 minutes of quiet helped me transition from my busy work brain into my relaxed home brain.

Without it, I was still thinking about work and my to-do list hours after I got home.

You know, completely zoning out while my husband was telling me about his day, only to realize 15 minutes later I didn’t hear anything he said…

Drinking a little too much wine while I tried not to burn dinner…

Pausing a one-hour show a million times because I kept remembering things I forgot and had to email myself a reminder…

One night after a particularly exhausting day, I started the bath. I went back downstairs and stared into the abyss of the open refrigerator, trying to decide what to feed myself.

I went through the mail, started a laundry load, cleaned the litter box…and forgot the bath was running.


Thank GOD my tub was the type that drains when it gets too full, so I didn’t flood the bathroom. I couldn’t believe I completely forgot about it.

It was in another part of the house, so I didn’t hear it running.

I’d love to say that was the first time I forgot something important (during the most stressful point in my career), but it wasn’t.

I forgot and missed a couple of doctor’s appointments.

I accidentally stood up a friend at the dog park, and I locked my keys in my car, THREE TIMES.

That was also the year that I realized this shit wasn’t going to fly anymore.

I was too busy, and my mind was so overwhelmed with information that I had nothing left for myself. It was starting to hurt my relationships with the people I cared about.

We all get busy at times, and there will always be seasons in life that are busier than others.

But when does busy become TOO busy?

When does overwhelm become a problem?

I ignored many warning signs, but I’m glad I realized them before it was too late – while my marriage was in-tact, my friends were forgiving, and I still had my health.

I don’t want you to hit crisis mode before you realize that busy is becoming a problem. So I created a free download for you: 15 Warning Signs You’re Too Busy (and Realistic Action Steps You Can Take to Reclaim Your Energy and Time).

Now, more than ever, this pdf seems relevant. You can get the guide from the link below.

I hope it will help you recognize if you’re at a point where you need some support before leaving the bathtub running or locking your keys in the car.




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