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Without delay, here’s everything you want to know about Alexis Buhrman.

Some Real Talk

Hey, there! I’m Alexis. I’m on a mission to help burned-out creatives like you reignite your creative spark with strategy, support, and self-care.

I worked in advertising for 15 years. I was a good Art Director, and at times I loved having a creative career, but it took its toll. Years of having an unpredictable schedule, one that was entirely out of my control was hard. Feeling the pressure to perform under an unrealistic deadline was hard. Barely making a living, having little or no insurance for many years and trying to hack how to use my tiny amount of time off was hard.

But I did the work because I believed if I put in the effort, I’d eventually be rewarded. I’d master my craft. I’d make enough to take a vacation. I’d be able to go to the doctor if I needed to. I’d be able to take more time off.

I made the effort and slowly moved up the ladder. As I got better, my health got worse. I had insomnia. I took sleeping pills or Xanax at night and was able to sleep, but they made me groggy in the morning. But that’s what two pots of coffee is for, right? Pony up, girl. You can sleep when you’re dead!

The stupid shit we say in our twenties…

I stress ate and gained weight. I smoked and drank too much. I destroyed my lower back from sitting in a chair for 12-16 hours and had to spend 30 painful days at the Chiropractor when it seized up one day, and I couldn’t stand. It was rough.

When I turned 30, I was over it. I changed my diet and lost weight. I quit smoking. I found a new job with better benefits. I felt better, but I was still burned out. It was going to take more than getting a new job and eating a salad to fix it.

I took responsibility for my role in my burnout. I found a therapist who helped me break up with perfectionism. I learned to set boundaries at work. I shut off my devices at home. I completely healed my insomnia naturally, after struggling with it for 20 years. I beat burnout.

And I found my value in BEING, not DOING.

I left advertising and trained to become a burnout coach, and now I help creatives like you learn to reignite your creative spark and have a career, and life you love.

All about Alexis. What do you want to know about Alexis? I can tell you just about everything you need to know about her.

If you’re a creative with burnout, self-care is the first step toward getting your passion back. I’ll teach you how to make it a practical, consistent part of your everyday life, so you have the energy you need to have the career, and life you love.

I’m no superhero, just a normal woman who figured it with a lot of work and time. If I can heal my anxiety, stress, and insomnia with self-care, and create an f*cking awesome life, I believe you can too. And it doesn’t have to take a decade. My mission is to support you in making BIG shifts and changes to heal your burnout quickly so you can have a thriving career and amazing life. You deserve it.

about Alexis
about Alexis
about Alexis
about Alexis
about Alexis

When I’m not coaching, I’m spending time with my awesome husband, Eric, and our five pets Max, Doug, Shadow, Little and Grendel.

I love getting out in nature, road trips, board games and taco night. That is, when I’m not covered in cats, vacuuming hair or cleaning up mystery puke.

I love Ruth Ware books, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. I’m a cancer and an ENFJ.

I LOVE sushi, craft cocktails and all the cheese. All of em!

Amy Poehler is my spirit animal and I think we should hang out. Tina Fey and Melissa McCarthy can come, too. Bring wine.

Now that you know more about me, are you interested in learning how I coach?

about Alexis


Alexis is a REACH Certified Personal Brand Strategist and graduate of the CoachU Core Essentials program. She’s working to become a Master Certified Coach. Alexis is also a graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle, School of Design. Prior to becoming a coach, she worked as a designer, art director and marketing director for 15 years.