I’m Alexis Buhrman, a self-care life coach.

Self-care Life Coach

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I’m Alexis Buhrman. I help professional women like you, women who are stressed-out and overwhelmed, rework how they work so they can do what they love, without the burnout.

I worked in advertising for 15 years. I was a successful Art Director…until I burned out. I know how scary it feels to lose your spark and not know when you’ll get it back, because you need to make a living. I know how disappointing it feels to loathe the work you once loved, or wake up and realize you never loved it to begin with.
If you’re still reading, you’re in the right place and it doesn’t have to be this way.
I help my clients prioritize their passion and clarify their calling so they can do work that lights them up. Work with purpose.

And I’d love to help you, too.

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